What is activated charcoal?

what is activated charcoal

With the popularity the it continues to receive, many are curious as to what is activated charcoal and just how it works. Activated charcoals are considered to be a natural treatment for removing chemicals and toxins in the body. It traps the toxins on its millions of pores so that the body will not absorb the unwanted chemicals. Almost all emergency rooms in the entire wold use it as an immediate treatment for drug and poison overdose. It is also known to be effective in reducing cholesterol level and bloating. The activated charcoal herein referred is not the one used for grilling at home. Rather, it is the one made from a coconut shell that has undergone a special process of activation.

For those who are not aware what is activated charcoal and the many benefits that come with it, might as well know that this it is very effective when it comes to whitening the teeth. For the love of coffee and tea, we sometimes neglect the fact that our teeth are already stained and appear yellowish. This is not very desirable and can make us prone to bad breath. Visiting a dentist or buying teeth whitening strips can be quite expensive. It is a good thing that activated charcoal for whitening teeth has been introduced in the market. We were given a very cheap yet effective alternative.

Some may ask, what is activated charcoal for teeth whitening? This is an easy procedure of whitening the teeth with the use of activate charcoal products made from coconut shell. The charcoal has the capability of binding the stains in the teeth and easily flush it out with the water. The charcoal usually come in powder form which just needs to be mix with water to transform it into paste form which is dubbed into the teeth and left for a couple of minutes. The results are sparkly white teeth, just the way you want it.

Those who were able to use and know what is activated charcoal and the many benefits that come with it make sure that it is part of their first aid kit at home. Activated charcoal can be used for a treatment of rashes from poison oak or poison ivy as well as insect bites. For this purpose, the powder must be mixed with coconut oil and simply dab the formula on the area that is affected. It can be applied every thirty minutes until the itch subsides.

Others who are aware as to what is activated charcoal also know that it can be used for acne treatment. There are even commercial facial cleansers which make use of charcoal as a vital ingredient in the product. Activated charcoal help in cleansing the pores and clearing the acne in the skin. For this purpose, the activated charcoal can be mixed with aloe vera gel then use the mixture as a facial mask. Let it dry on the face then rinse it thoroughly. The charcoal will bind the dirt and toxins which cause the acne and completely eliminate it from your skin.

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