Teeth whitening charcoal

Teeth whitening charcoal made from coconut shell has continued to gain popularity. This may be because of the fact that aside from being teeth charcoal powder, they also offer a myriad of benefits. This is now considered as a must-have for every household. Those who have not experience using it have questions about just how effective can this product get’ here are some questions and some researched answers for them.

Is the teeth whitening charcoal powder abrasive for teeth?

This is one major concern of those who intends but are hesitant to use it. There is no definite research which evaluates just how abrasive the charcoal is to the teeth surface. However, those who already enjoyed the benefits of it said that the teeth whitening charcoal can actually feel a bit powdery at the initial brush. But, after the saliva takes over, the feeling is eliminated.

For sensitive teeth, it is advised to use teeth whitening charcoal not by scrubbing or brushing but by simply dabbing it on the teeth surface with cotton swab or finger. Allow it to sit on the surface for a couple of minutes, swish and rinse it off with plenty of water. With this, the teeth whitening charcoal will be in contact with the surface of the teeth long enough without scrubbing which can be abrasive.

What are the stains that teeth whitening charcoal can work on?

Teeth whitening charcoal powder work on the teeth surface stains that it is capable of binding, like those caused by tea and coffee. This works by creating absorbent properties that have the capability of pulling stains away from the teeth. However, those whose stains in the teeth are caused by antibiotics and internal problems, may not really be whitened as desired.

Does teeth whitening charcoal stain fillings, veneers or crowns?

There are quite a number of people who have experience of using teeth whitening charcoal and did not have any problem in these different kinds of surfaces. For those who have these, it is still highly advised that professional consultation is done first.

Does teeth whitening charcoal pull the calcium in the teeth?

This is another concern of those who are interested but hesitant in using teeth whitening charcoal powder. It should be remembered that charcoal powder bind organic compounds only but not minerals. So, it should not be much of a concern that it will pull off the calcium found in the teeth.

What is the best variety of teeth whitening charcoal?

Activated teeth whitening charcoal can be made from a variety of sources such as wood, petroleum and coconut shell. Most reviews in the use of this highly recommend that the all-natural coconut shell made teeth whitening charcoal. Some of the best products of this variety which can be found online offer Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which do not only whiten teeth, but also reduce bad breath and restore the natural pH level for healthier gums.

A great smile is much a concern for many and achieving this is no longer expensive as teeth whitening charcoal is made available in the market.

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