Charcoal whitening

The use of charcoal whitening products for achieving pearly white teeth has gained popularity online especially on social media. There are a lot of us who wonders if charcoal whitening is really effective, or just how it works, or what is the process of doing it?

Charcoal whitening products for teeth is actually a bit similar to that used for the barbecue. However, the activated charcoal is specifically made for medical applications. It is usually made by heating up a charcoal and then using a gas which will make the large pores on the minerals. Traditionally, it was used for treating intestinal gas, lower the cholesterol level or cholestasis which happens during pregnancy. It is tasteless and odorless and can be found in online stores and health stores.

It is the question of many, just how does charcoal whitening products work? Activated charcoal whitening products have pores which will bind together with the rough parts in the teeth like surface plaques and stains. As they bind, it will be easier to eliminate these yellowing substances. Once the charcoal whitening is given sufficient time to bind, it can be removed easily. And once you remove it, it will take with it food particles, stains, and plaque. This is the way it succeeds in getting rid of the stains in just a single swoop. However, for the natural yellowing teeth or those that are deeply stained, charcoal whitening may no longer be able to change the color and it may need professional bleaching.

Charcoal whitening has also been proven safe to ingest. Depending on the sensitivity of the teeth, you can either scrubbed it against the teeth surface or just simply dubbed it. When using charcoal whitening, make sure to just graze it very lightly on the teeth so as to avoid unnecessary damage such as chipping or scratching. For those who have abrasions, cuts or open wounds are advised to wait for it to heal first before using charcoal whitening products.

The steps in doing the charcoal whitening procedure are quite easy. The very first step is to look for coconut shell based activated charcoal whitening product online or in health stores. It is available in capsule or powder form, the latter being the more preferred. Add a small amount of water to the powder to make a paste. If you prefer some slight scrubbing, you can use a toothbrush or simply tap the paste directly to the teeth. Leave it for a couple of minutes to allow it to bind with the stains. Then, thoroughly wash the teeth clean. You need not panic should you swallow some of it while doing the procedure as it is completely safe to use.

Aside from whitening teeth, there are other numerous benefits that come with activated charcoal powder. It is recommended to be made part of every household first aid kits. In cases of emergency where chemicals, toxins or drugs are ingested, charcoal can be a help as an initial response. When you have charcoal whitening powder or capsule within your reach, you can actually have it administered for immediate relief.

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