Charcoal teeth Whitening

Many of us may have heard about charcoal teeth whitening products but may be quite skeptical about it. Some may have seen that this is being kept on hospitals for the effective relief it gives for those suffering from food poisoning. Some may already have an experience of keeping activated charcoal around their house as it is a fact that this substance is highly absorbent. But, some may have the skepticism because they have witnessed that a spilled activated charcoal can permanently ruin grout. So, some are hesitant with the thinking that it will stain the teeth rather than whiten them.

Activated charcoal is a substance that is highly absorbent. It has the capability of removing toxins as they adhere to the charcoal’s surface. It is safe to use as the body will not absorb it, but rather it will pass the GI system so that the toxins and chemicals will adhere to it. It will then pass in the body and will be expelled in the digestive system. Some use activated charcoal powder during bouts of food poisoning and constipation. It can make the symptoms went in just a couple of minutes. But, just how charcoal teeth whitening products work?

Considering that spilled activated charcoal powder can stain almost everything, some may think it may also do the same to their thing. The use of it just like a toothpaste can make the mouth look awfully black. Just like when using as ingestion, it will pull the toxins in the mouth and then remove the stains. When using it, as you open the mouth, it can make you look really scary. But, as you wash it, you will see how easily it washed out with water giving you teeth that are extremely smooth and clean. After few more uses of coconut shell made charcoal teeth whitening products, your teeth will surely be more noticeably whiter.

If you will make some further research, coconut shell made charcoal teeth whitening products actually helps in changing the health and pH level in the mouth. And as such, it is very effective when it comes to killing bacteria and preventing cavities that are present in gingivitis and tooth decay. It can be part of your teeth re-mineralizing protocol.

It is very easy to use the coconut shell made charcoal teeth whitening product. Just simply dip a wet toothbrush in the charcoal powder or dump a charcoal capsule on it. Then put the charcoal covered brush into the mouth and do gentle and small circle brushing for at two minutes. Spit it carefully in the sink and rinse with water. Some mix charcoal powder with water and just swish it for a couple of minutes. the teeth will feel really clean and continuous use gives the best results.

Coconut shell made activated charcoal teeth whitening products are usually available in powder or capsule and can be bought in health stores but the best brand can be found online. Coconut based are the best option as compared to the petroleum or wood base.

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