Charcoal for teeth whitening

Conventional teeth whiteners or a frequent visit to dentists for white teeth and a great smile can be very costly. The treatment will usually use whitening agents such as hydrogen peroxide which can cause irritation on the gums, overall sensitivity, and tooth pain. When excessively use, the enamel breaks down and the teeth very porous. Good thing activated charcoal for teeth whitening was introduced in the market, with immeasurable benefits.

Activated charcoal is a superabsorbent substance which contains billions of tiny pores which can bind chemicals, poisons and intestinal gas and have them removed from one’s body. Just a teaspoon of it has a surface area of around ten thousand sq. ft. it is often used in hospitals for immediate poison control. Most people also have them at home just in cases of accidental overdose or ingestion of allergens. But, not everyone knows how activated charcoal for teeth whitening works.

It is not known to many that charcoal for teeth whitening has been a practice that has originated from traditional societies. It may sound a bit weird but, charcoal has been the main means of caring and cleaning the teeth. Considering the color, the use of it may really seem counterintuitive. But, the stuff truly works. The black colored powder can be easily washed away although it may become a little messy, and all that is left is pearly white teeth.

Things needed for using activated charcoal for teeth whitening include a toothbrush that you will not mind getting the bristles black, coconut shell made activated charcoal. You will also need a cup, clean water. Mix the powder with a little amount of water to make it paste-like. Then, put it on the toothbrush and start brushing. It may give you that powdery feeling but your saliva will take over it so it will be spread in the entirety. Some use the powder along with toothpaste and brush for around 3 minutes before rinsing.

When using charcoal for teeth whitening, make sure to rinse the mouth very well. The tongue must also be brushed properly as it can also get black. You may also use a spit cup so as not to get the sink messy which can be quite difficult to clean. When cleaning the sink with any of the charcoal residues, it is advisable to use baby wipes. It is recommended that charcoal for teeth whitening be used once a day and for three days in a row. For those who have teeth that are deeply stained, activated charcoal for teeth whitening is advised to be used 5 days in a row.

Aside from the benefit that charcoal for whitening teeth, there is so much more. It is used as poison control substance, as detoxifying substance and even treatment for minor wounds allergic reactions and skin irritations. There are different kinds of a source for activated charcoal for teeth whitening, but the ones made from coconut shell are the best. This is available on health stores and also online. When you are trying a new product, perform a test to ensure that the product does not stain.

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