Benefits of activated charcoal

The benefits of activated charcoal continue to gain popularity. For some, activated charcoal is something that they would not want to be ingested in their bodies. But, there are reasons why many people are patronizing the use of it.

One of the major benefits of activated charcoal is the fact that it is the most economical way of removing stains in the teeth. Because the weight is very light and can go long way and can have your whitening needs covered for a long time. Activated charcoal is used in removing plaque, thereby whitening the teeth during the process. It may not give you a very pretty look while during the process, but once you are done, you will be very glad you have tried using it. You also will not need a special kind of toothbrush as the regular brush will do. For this purpose, you can also have a second brush as the charcoal can discolor the bristles of the toothbrush.

This is being done by mixing coconut shell made an activated charcoal powder with water until it becomes thick enough that it will stay on the toothbrush. Then gently brush your teeth and allow the substance stay on your teeth for 3 minutes before you rinse it. Some just dab a small amount of the mixture on the teeth, allow it to stay for few minutes before swishing it off. It has no taste and odorless, but may be a bit gritty.

Also among the popular benefits of activated charcoal is that it can straighten out stomach discomfort that can be caused by food poisoning. It can be taken in liquid, pill or powder. In a case of the latter, you have to mix it along with water or juice that is non-acidic. For this purpose, the tablet form may be ideal. You may also open the capsule and have the charcoal powder content used for other purposes. It is advised that taking in activated charcoal must be coupled with drinking lots of water so as to avoid constipation. Take it also in between meals as it can deplete vitamins and nutrients needed by the body considering that it is highly absorbing substance.

A lot of people also make activated charcoal part of their beauty regimen. One of the many benefits of activated charcoal is that it can purify and deep clean the hair and the skin. There are numerous ready-made activated charcoal products for hair and skin care available in the market. But, the coconut shell made activated charcoal powder you bought for teeth whitening can actually be used to make your own. You just mix it with lukewarm water until it forms a paste-like, then add some aloe gel or honey and you can use it as a clarifying mask. It can also add a detoxifying element on your shampoo by adding a little amount of activated charcoal on it.

It is undeniable that there are numerous benefits of activated charcoal and should you decide to try it, the best products can be found online.

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