Activated charcoal uses

The popularity of activated charcoal uses can no longer be denied. Primarily, this potent treatment is used to trap chemicals and toxins flushing it out of the body, so that the latter will not absorb it. It is considered a safe way of effectively treating drug overdose and poisoning. Often, it used in emergency centers. It usually comes from different sources, but when the purpose is to use it for natural healing, choose one which is made from the coconut shell.

Among the most popular activated charcoal uses if teeth whitening. Many of us experience the teeth getting stained by wine, tea, coffee and even berries. Coconut shell made activated charcoal powder helps to whiten back the teeth while at the same time help in promoting a better oral health. This is because it is capable of effecting some changes in the pH level in our mouth. This helps in preventing gum disease, bad breath, and development of cavities. It whitens the teeth as absorb microscopic tidbits and plaque which causes the stains. This makes activated charcoal natural solution which is cost-effective and leads to a brighter smile.

Those who already enjoy the activated charcoal uses and benefits will attest that using is as a natural teeth whitener is very easy. All you have to do is to wet the toothbrush and dip it in the coconut shell made activated charcoal powder then brush the teeth just like the normal way of doing it. Pay more attention to the areas that are more stained. Sip little amount of water then swishes it around the mouth before spitting it. Rinse it very well up to the point that your spit is already very clear. To get the best results, do this again for 2-3 times in a week. Care must be taken by those who have porcelain veneers, caps or crowns as it can be stained by the activated charcoal powder.

Also among the list of the activated charcoal uses is just how well it is when it comes to alleviating bloating and gas. The activated charcoal work by binding the by-products on the food which has caused the discomfort. But for this purpose, it is best advised that proper dosing recommendation is followed.

Another important activated charcoal uses is that it helps in preventing a hangover and also treat alcohol poisoning. It is true that the activated charcoal will not absorb the alcohol. What I do is it helps in quickly removing the other toxins which aggravate the poisoning. It is very rare that alcohol is consumed in its purest form. More often, it is mixed with other chemicals and artificial sweeteners. And these are the toxins which the activate charcoal will contain.

Another not so popular activated charcoal uses is its capability of cleansing and eliminating molds that are living in the human body. These toxic molds can actually cause liver and kidney failure, decreased brain functions, depressions and a lot more. The problems of molds at home must be immediately addressed so that the members of the household will not inhale these toxic molds. One of the best-activated charcoal uses is the fact that it is an excellent substance for absorption.

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