Activated charcoal teeth whitening

For centuries, the eastern practice of medicine makes use of charcoal as a to-go relief in cases of stomach problems. The reason for this is the fact that it works so much better as compared to any other agent when it comes to removing toxins. The toxins will not absorb the charcoal, rather it binds with the million pores of the charcoal. The charcoal can bind toxins almost 100 times that its own weight. This is unimaginable highness of efficiency. Then, activated charcoal teeth whitening products were introduced in the market. Whitening teeth has been revolutionized ever since.

While there are numerous activated charcoal teeth whitening products made available in the market, it is quite difficult to choose which one to use. You have to know that activated charcoal usually made from different varieties such as wood, peat, or coconut shell. If you will do your own research, coconut shell made activated charcoal teeth whitening products is highly preferred by many. One of the reasons is the fact that it is all natural. Coconut shell charcoal usually undergoes a process wherein the heavy metal toxins in it are thoroughly remove producing the finest grain. Also remember that the more refined the activated charcoal is, the more that it is better when it comes to performance. It is more efficient when it comes to binding toxins and whitening the teeth.

You might have been brushing your teeth and flossing it on the regular basis. You might have already tried everything from using whitening strips trays, gels, and latest toothpaste, but, nothing can give you that pearly white smile you always desire. Then, you have heard about activated charcoal teeth whitening products. It gives you hope.

According to many the secret in obtaining the pearly white teeth is hidden in the black paste. Many users attest that brushing using activated charcoal teeth whitening product is a natural way of removing surface stains often caused by red wine, tea or coffee. There is no need to undergo abrasive or teeth bleaching procedure. Initially, you will have teeth that are soot-covered which really look like you came out of horror movie. After which, fluorescent white teeth.

Black is now considered the way to white, and the procedure is very simple. Mix the activated charcoal teeth whitening powder into the water, then brush the paste directly to the teeth. Leave it there for few minutes so the paste will stick to the stains, rinse it with water. Others recommend to just swish it around the mouth, spit and rinse. Do this three times in a week, and voila, whiter teeth.

If you can find the best activated charcoal teeth whitening products available in the market, they usually have properties which are antifungal and antibacterial which helps in significantly reducing bad breath. It works by restoring the natural level of pH in the gum thereby promoting healthier gums. They have products for those who are looking for a great alternative to chemical treatments for the teeth.

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