Activated charcoal powder

Activated charcoal powder is made of carbon that is activated by heat to make it expand and become porous, maximizing out its surface area. Just a gram of this coconut shell made activated charcoal powder has about 5400 sq. feet of surface area. And what comes with the micro-pores is the capability to perform adsorption. The latter work through electrical attraction by pulling out ions, atoms, and molecules towards the surface and then sticking to, but it does not become one of it. it may not be known to many, but activated charcoal powder offers many uses one can imagine.

Anyone of us dreams of having those pearly white teeth, but it can sometimes be very difficult and costly to achieve. Sure, you can buy different brands of whitening strips, but it may not be very effective even when used in bulk. Activated charcoal powder may be the best solution to achieve what you desire for your teeth. Since the charcoal powder is micro-porous, it has the capability of grabbing all the plaques and all other stuff in the teeth. Using it for a couple of days can give you that gleamy and pearly white teeth. Plus, it gives you that squeaky clean feel after rinsing and spitting it.

The charcoal powder for whitening the teeth should be used like the regular toothpaste. All you have to do is dab the toothbrush with a small amount of the coconut shell made activated charcoal powder and brush the teeth just the normal way you do it. The foam turns gray and you should not be alarmed by it. During brushing you might swallow some, but you need not panic as there is nothing that will happen to you. As compared to the minty flavor of toothpaste, activated charcoal powder does not have any taste.

But, there so much more use to the coconut shell made activated charcoal, and it can be made part of your beauty regimen. The charcoal can effectively work to draw out the impurities in the pores. For those who want to have a cheaper alternative to the commonly bought zit mask, activated charcoal powder can be the perfect alternative. You just have to mix it with plain water, some aloe vera gel and few drops of tea tree oil. Then paint onto your face the ink like black paste and allow it to dry before rinsing it off with some warm water. The gunk and all impurities will be evicted from your face leaving it soft and supple.

Some have even used it as an eyeliner because the thin paste it creates when mixed with water give a truly matte-black color. And because it is naturally a non-toxic substance, it is also safe for the eyes. However, it easily comes off in water and may not stick too long especially during a long sweaty day. There are numerous uses for the coconut shell made activated charcoal, and it is always best to keep it always in the DIY crowd of the home.

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