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Activated charcoal for teeth

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Sparkling white teeth is the secret of a confident and beautiful smile. Diet habits, overconsumption of coffee and tea and others, cause many to lose the natural white color of their teeth. People whose teeth has turned yellow feel so much embarrassment in smiling especially in public. The cosmetic industry, whitening the teeth means undergoing bleaching strips, bleaching pen, and laser bleaching. This earns the industry millions of dollars. For those who do not have sufficient funds can try the all-natural remedy known as activated charcoal for teeth whitening.

Activated charcoal for teeth is considered to be the simplest yet the best natural way of whitening the teeth. It is effective and safe and the best alternative to tooth whitening strips, gels, and trays, which are actually toxic in nature. Regularly using activated charcoal for teeth will not damage the enamel and will not delicate the tissues in the gums.

Many are aware that charcoal is effective when it comes to removing water impurities. And not many knows that activated charcoal for teeth is very effective when it comes to removing yellow stains on teeth surface. The charcoal has natural adhesive qualities which readily and effectively absorb tannins or staining culprits and plaque. All these things will be cleared out when you spit out the charcoal. Charcoal is also naturally antifungal and anti-bacterial. It has the capability of absorbing toxins and bacteria and the heavy metal in the mouth, giving you fresh breath, healthier and brighter smile.

Activated charcoal for teeth can be used along with your regular toothpaste. You can mix ¼ teaspoon of the charcoal powder with 1 teaspoon of your toothpaste and use it as you do your regular brushing. Always rinse it properly and the process can be done regularly.

You can also use the activated charcoal for teeth whitening along with salt. Just mix ¼ teaspoon of charcoal and ¼ teaspoon of sea salt and use it as the mixture for your brushing. You may also opt to do a charcoal mouthwash by mixing the charcoal powder with a ½ teaspoon of water. The mixture can be swish in the mouth for a couple of minutes, spit and rinse. This can be done at least once in a day after brushing the teeth.

In making activated charcoal, manufacturer heats it with the use of a special gas that makes it very porous. These pores are the one responsible for binding and flushing impurities and stains in the teeth. It does not absorb or trap the calcium salt which can be found on the enamel of the tooth. Thus, it will not cause sensitivity or damage. it can be a little abrasive, so users are advised not to put so much force or too much pressure while brushing the teeth. You can easily find activated charcoal for teeth whitening on numerous online stores. Those made from coconut shell are highly preferred. The powder form also receives good reviews as it can last longer and is of greater value.

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