Activated charcoal benefits

As many types of research are conducted, the number of activated charcoal benefits continue to grow. On the top of the list is the fact that it is an effective teeth whitening product. There is no chemical solution for teeth whitening in the market which will come close to the brightening action of activated charcoal. Many have been wise in avoiding the use of commercial brands of teeth whitener, as it contains harmful and toxic ingredients like sodium fluoride. No substance is better in removing acidic plaque on the teeth surface like carbon which can be found on activated charcoal.

Also in the list of activated charcoal benefits is the fact that it can be in counteracting poison ingestion. It may happen that there is an accidental ingestion of drugs, poison or other household chemicals. In cases like this, just add activated charcoal in water, stir it and have the person ingested, drink the water. No health conscious and no home should be without this great and wonderful life-saving substance. This is a must have in the first aid kit especially for those homes who have small children in the scene.

Another activated charcoal benefit is that it can be used to relieve bee stings and bites. Mixing the activated charcoal powder poultice with water, flaxseed powder or cornstarch help in curing stings of bee, rashes from poison ivy, spider bites, snake bites and other kinds of poisoning bites. There are numerous testimonials online as to how charcoal powder poultice effectively save their lives when they do not have epinephrine at hand.

Because of the capability of charcoal in removing toxins, also in the list of activated charcoal benefits is its effectiveness in reducing conditions of acne and skin impurities. It also has wonderful work when it comes to complete makeup removal. For this purpose, the charcoal is mixed with aloe vera gel, rosewater, tea tree oil and little amount of sea salt. Mix all these until you have an even consistency. Beware that the face mask is black in color and while it may stain countertops and clothing, it will not stain the skin. Apply it thoroughly to the skin and allow to dry before rinsing it off. It will really give the skin an amazing feel.

Well known among the many activated charcoal benefits is its power of eliminating gas. This is very effective in reducing or totally eliminating gas especially after food intake like beans which can create an excessive amount of gas. It can also help in relieving nausea and upset stomach. However, it must be noted that activated charcoal must not be regularly taken for these symptoms and must not be used on daily basis.

Considering that charcoal can do an amazing job in ridding the body of toxins, some people makes use of it in ridding the built up toxins in the body. The capability to detoxify is among the many activated charcoal benefits. The length of cleansing that it can provide varies, but the better products can last for a week or more.

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