Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is made from burning materials where carbon can be sourced such as debris, wood and the better option, coconut shells. The use of high temperature will remove all oxygen and then activates them with gases such as steam. The end product is a material that is highly absorbent and contains millions of pores and has the capability of capturing and binding chemicals, intestinal gases, and even poisons. Activated charcoal weighing two grams actually has a surface of an area as huge as the football field. The surface which is very porous has negative electric charge attracting the positive charged gasses and toxins.

It was in the 20th century that the process development of activated charcoal which sparked publications about the many benefits that can be derived from it. It is this era where activated charcoal was revealed to be an effective poison antidote and a way of improving conditions of intestinal disorder. The present research about activated charcoal legitimized the old practices, and add other beneficial uses of it in the modern world.

Among the many benefits of activate charcoal is its capability of giving you those pearly white teeth. Stains on the teeth caused by drinking tea or coffee can be easily eliminated by just dubbing activated charcoal powder at least thrice in a week. It works as the activated charcoal binds with the stains and the latter goes along with it as you wash it out with water. Further, activated charcoal helps in maintaining the pH balance in the mouth and promotes healthier gums, ensuring that user will not have bad breath. Bad breath is actually the result of toxins that leave the body and activated charcoal binds and absorb them, eliminating the possibility of bad breath.

Activated charcoal is also proven effective in relieving bloating and other digestive issues. After food digestion, decomposition process in the body will create by-products such as diarrhea or gas. As you ingest activated charcoal, it will enter into the digestive tract, counteract the process as it binds the by-product and alleviating the digestive problem.

Toxins that is coming from processed and low-quality food, as well as environmental pollutions, pose a huge problem. It is very important that people take measures to eliminate these toxins in order that they may have a healthier brain and digestive system. Too much exposure to these toxins can cause chronic damage to the cells, compromise immunity, allergic reactions and much more. Regularly using activated charcoal significantly help in removing the unwanted toxins in the body, leaving the user feeling more vibrant and renewed. It eliminates unwanted bacteria out of the system faster and even before they multiply and spread.

The best kinds of activated charcoals are those derived from coconut shell. the powder must be highly purified and ultra-fine. It must have undergone acid washing process which is the more efficient way of removing heavy metals in the preparation of the charcoal. Activated charcoal that is ultra-fine works better and can perform maximum adsorption.

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